On-line Registration

Enrollment starts on August 24th.  The registration form will be here when enrollment starts.

Due to limited class and large group sizes the clubs will be limited to five students per class. At this time we cannot exceed twenty students for the whole Sparkie presence on the AWANA campus or twenty total TNT students on the campus. We are very sorry to set limits on club attendees but we have to set priorities. During August 24- September 1 registration into WBC's AWANA program will be based upon the priorities listed below.
  1. Children of AWANA volunteers get first chance to be a part of the AWANA program this year. We need our volunteers to make this program run smoothly all year long and we want to ensure that the environment is a safe and fun one for everyone.
  2. Since WBC hosts the AWANA program children of WBC members and regular attenders will receive second consideration.
  3. We want to make sure that the WBC youth group still thrives and holds the interest of youth in this hard time, so the siblings of those in the youth group get the third shot at attending the AWANA program. The youth group students are rising seventh graders - seniors in high school. 
  4. People in our community are welcome to WBC's AWANA program as well provided there is space available in the program after all the other club attendees register. 
After September 1, if there are still available slots in a certain classes, all registrations received will be considered in the order that they are received into our system. Someone who registers September 3 has a higher chance of getting in than someone on September 11 for instance. Don't wait until the last minute to register! After September 1, the AWANA leadership will contact you to let you know if your child/children will be accepted into their class.

We will strive to keep a standby list in the event of vacancies or we are open to full capacity. Thank you for understanding!

Awana Registration 2020-2021 WBC