Cubbie Enrollment guidelines

Due to the size of the Cubbie room and Covid-19 restrictions, we are only able to have 5 children in our Cubbies program.

If you have a child who is 3 or 4 years old who would like to be in the Cubbies class of Awana this September, please register promptly after registration opens. Here is how we prioritize who we can enroll:

  • 1st priority: Cubbies who have parents who volunteer as full time leaders.
  • 2nd priority: Cubbies who were in the program the previous year (ie..2nd year cubbies.)
  • 3rd priority: Cubbies who have a sibling who was in the WBC program last year and this current year.
  • 4th priority: Everyone else who has registered online (in order of registration received.)